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Sidoo Family Giving Scholarship

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Congratulations to Emerson Bauer who is the recipient of the Sidoo Family Giving scholarship!
My Son Jordan Sidoo, who is a passionate soccer fan and former student athlete, and I are very excited to continue to support young student athletes, who have special talents, reach their potential and ultimate dream.
Emerson will be able to display his talent in the UK for all to see. Good luck to him and the Supra team.
“We continue to support those young student athletes that are very talented but unable to afford to go on life changing trips. Experiences like this”
– David Sidoo
David Sidoo

From the desk of David Sidoo

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Farhan Lalji, gave selflessly of his time and even his home when needed in order to make a difference in the lives of countless others.

Deciding to raise his family in New Westminster, designing a life for his family that included supporting the youth of New Westminster and football in the province.  Farhan and his wife Mary, on occasion even boarded the young troubled athletes, treating them like family, always putting the team and the players ahead of everything.  I remember how hard it was if he had to miss a game due to work commitments.  He gave his heart and soul to the team and the City.

When he first came to me to seek my support to begin a program I asked him how many kids would be interested in playing?  He advertised the fact he may begin a team and kids interested should come to a meeting.  On that first day, so many years ago,  hundreds of kids showed up from all different nationalities.  We knew at that moment this could be something special.   Kids from all nationalities showed up to play, not just that year, but every year.  Kids from East Africa, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, mostly immigrant kids and families wanting to play the game and be part of the great equalizer, sports.  It did not matter what colour they were, what racial slurs they faced off the field, day in and day out, what matters was their dedication to play and Farhan’s ability to get the best he could from everyone.  I could see them running up and down the field and it brought me back to my days and I was hooked!  Working and supporting the program and Farhan for all these years has been a blessing.

I remember the team going to play in Vancouver at Vancouver college campus stadium in 2009, where the stands were full and the spotlight was the brightest that year. We were undefeated Hyacks playing the biggest game of the year. The game where our reputation was on the line.  Were the Hyacks really that good? Has the program really turned around and can they contend for the High school championship? Really? New West Football? On paper, during the season, we were the better team for sure.

I remember watching with other Hyacks parents and alumni watch as the team struggled under the intense pressure. We must have had a record turnovers in that game and ultimately lost. The boys’ heads dropped and they all left that field  feeling  that they didn’t live up to everyone’s expectations. We were just the blue collar town of New West that just had its butts handed to us. They looked like they lost all confidence in themselves and had no hope.

But Farhan did not lose faith. He  continued to support the boys.  He never lost faith in the kids. He encouraged them, on the field and in the classroom to do well.  He told them time and time again that you are better than this. That when life gets you down or throws you a curve ball its how you respond. How do you respond  to that adversity and if you can overcome it? That  is what builds character that will take you a long way in life.

Well everyone knows what happened a few short years later when they won it all . The school’s first BC high school football championship.

Plus over 50 students going on to play or attend college. In 2014, we were the only high school in Canada that sent two seniors on full ride scholarships to NCAA division one schools.

I am so proud to be your friend and to have been asked 20 years ago to help get the program re-started. You did all the heavy lifting we all just came along for the ride.  You have sacrificed a lot. But you’ve given so many young men and families HOPE that you can achieve greatness even when it appears all odds are stacked against you.

Your legacy will live forever at New West and your spirit and core values you instilled will be entrenched in the Hyacks football culture for years to come.  That kind of love and passion doesn’t just drift away. You have now built it into the culture of the program and I know the next person who will have the honour of taking over the program you brought back from the ashes will do his or her best to keep the fire alive.

Have a look at Farhan’s website at  farhanlalji.com

Dylan Sidoo Supports VPD Athletics Program for Youth

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dylansidooDavid and Manjy Sidoo’s eldest son, Dylan Sidoo, recently contributed $5000 to support the Vancouver Police Department’s Police Athletic League (PAL) program that provides opportunities for disadvantaged youth to participate in organized athletic events.

The Police Athletic League creates an environment for youth from lower socioeconomic backgrounds to learn and develop sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership skills. The community-oriented programs provide positive peer interactions, opportunities to develop problem-solving skills and exposure to supportive adult role models.

The PAL program is run by a member of the Vancouver Police Department and has a number of events scheduled for 2015, including a large-scale wrestling and weightlifting competition for provincial, national and international competitors; soccer tournaments; indoor basketball tournament; and a field hockey tournament.

Dylan’s contribution to the events will help to provide monetary awards, trophies, equipment and manpower to run each tournament. More than 2000 youth will be positively impacted by these events.

We wish the very best to everyone involved in the Vancouver Police Department’s long standing and valuable PAL program!

See media coverage of this donation here

David Sidoo to Receive Prestigious BC Sports Hall of Fame Award

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David Sidoo

On December 7, 2016, David Sidoo learned that he will join a list of distinguished and wildly accomplished individuals who have the honour to receive the prestigious WAC Bennet Award from the BC Sports Hall of Fame.

David was selected based on his numerous and widely varied contributions to sport in the province of BC and across Canada, not the least of which is his deep passion and undying support for the UBC Thunderbirds football team.

Roughly 3 years ago, David directed his passion for his alma mater into the 13th Man Foundation, a group of almuni spearheaded by David who raise and direct substantial funds and energy to support the football team. The 13th Man Foundation has had an incredible impact on the team, including claiming the title of 2015 Vanier Cup Champions.

David and the other 2017 inductees comprise the 51st induction class for the BC Sports Hall of Fame.

For more information:




Manjy & David Sidoo Among Top South Asians Honoured at 100 Year Journey Gala

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David Sidoo

David Sidoo Honoured at 100 Year Journey Gala

On October 3rd, 2015 David and Manjy Sidoo were honoured to attend the 2nd annual 100 Year Journey gala at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver. More than 500 of the greater Vancouver area’s community leaders from political, business and social sectors were in attendance, with partial proceeds from the event going to support a reprint of the 100 Year Journey book for distribution to schools throughout BC and to support the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation.

The event, which was hosted by the former publishers of Mehfil Magazine, is intended to honour South Asian pioneers and navigators in Canada.

The 100 Year Journey Project was established in 2014 by Rana Vig, the former publisher of Mehfil Magazine, to celebrate South Asian pioneers in Canada. A website and book of the same name book share and immortalize their stories as a timeless resource that contributes to the preservation of South Asian heritage and history that does not currently exist in Canadian textbooks. The publication has been approved for use in several school districts in British Columbia, and the publisher plans to expand its reach across the country.

David Sidoo

The 2nd annual 100 Year Journey gala at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel

For more information visit 100yearjourney.com

Jordan Sidoo

Jordan Sidoo Wins The Province Newspaper’s 2014 Head of the Class Adversity Award

Jordan Sidoo’s passion for giving back to his community has become more and more evident as he continues to develop into an admirable young man. On this website we have focused often on his drive and determination to ensure that local children have food in their bellies and safe places to play while at school. Jordan has always been very humble about his accomplishments and prefers to maintain focus on those whom he strives to support.

For that reason it may come as a surprise then to learn that Jordan faced enormous physical challenges from the moment he was born. From an early age Jordan showed incredible grit and determination to overcome those challenges and become a respected competitor in the athletics program at St George’s School that will soon lead to further competition at the NCAA level.

Jordan’s perseverance and grit were evident to those around him and earlier this year he was nominated for The Province newspaper’s Head of the Class Adversity Award. After two weeks of voting wrapped up last month, the results were announced today: Jordan won!

As part of the awards announcement, Jordan’s in-depth profile was published in The Province’s online sports blog today, revealing from his perspective the challenges he faced as an athlete in his youth. Jordan shared that he was born with the most severe case of club feet that the hospital had seen, and that he persevered through surgeries, braces and physio to not only recover, but to clock a 12 second 100m dash by the time he was 12. Through a series of events Jordan eventually was asked to become the cox for St George’s School rowing team. And after four years of excelling in that role, Jordan will be going to one of the NCAA’s top rowing programs at the University of California-Berkeley.

The Adversity Award is part of The Province’s annual Head of the Class section in which it highlights some of British Columbia’s most accomplished athletes. Each year the Head of the Class Reader’s Choice Awards accept nominations for Coach of the Year and for the Adversity Award. Nominees of the Adversity Award are Grade 12 students who, according to The Province, “were to have shown a positive attitude and determination in overcoming extraordinary personal challenges.”

Jordan Sidoo

Jordan Sidoo

This year’s four finalists, including Jordan, were chosen from those submissions by The Province editorial department. The Province then turned the voting over to its readership.

Jordan’s brief bio was posted on The Province Head of the Class website along with the other finalists for consideration by the public:

Jordan Sidoo – St. George’s School
Born with severe club feet, Sidoo of Vancouver’s St. George’s School, defied the odds of his doctors to excel at three sports. In 10th grade he broke his arm in three places playing basketball but has since rebounded, joining the school’s rowing team as a coxswain. Sidoo was recently accepted to join the rowing program at prestigious Cal-Berkeley, which annually resides near the top of the NCAA rankings.

After two weeks of open online voting, the numbers were tallied and the results announced today. Read the full story.

Congratulations on your accomplishment Jordan!

Dylan Sidoo, Jordan Sidoo, David and Manjy Sidoo Supports Inner City Youth Soccer Tournament

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David Sidoo

David Sidoo and VPD Constable Kal Dosanjh at a soccer tournament for the inner city youth of Vancouver.

As a former pro athlete whose life was changed by sports at a pivotal age, David Sidoo understands the value of athletics in the life of a youth…especially an inner city youth.

On the weekend of May 25, 2013, David was delighted to attend and support the Vancouver Police Department Soccer Tournament for Inner City Youth. More than 500 kids participated in the event, which was organized by the VPD Athletic League and Detective Kal Dosanjh.

From the Link Paper article, Dosanjh is quoted as saying, “David is an example of what sports can do, being the first Indo-Canadian professional football player,” Dosanjh said. “David would agree with me that by engaging the youth in a sporting activity it will provide them with a positive outlet, provide them an opportunity to develop self esteem, provide an environment which facilitates personal growth and promotes learning to work well with others in a team setting. This program is designed to develop a strong connection with youth at any early age, so that a sense of community, safety and integrity become well entrenched values.”

There are many wonderful programs to engage youth in sports…why not check into opportunities in your community and see how you can make a difference too!

Sidoo Family Giving – David Sidoo and Manjy Sidoo

Jordan SidooIn late 2013, while Jordan Sidoo was still attending St George’s School in Vancouver, he started an online fundraising program selling pen-and-pencil sets to raise money to support the Breakfast Club program at Queen Alexandra elementary school. Although Jordan relocated to California to attend University of California, Berkeley, this year, he continued to run the fundraising program online and on December 11, 2014 attended the school to hand-deliver a cheque for $6500.

The Sidoo family has been supporting The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fun Adopt-A-School program for two years and Jordan has been actively involved along with his parents David and Manjy.

Jordan says he had a privileged life, so helping pay for breakfast for needy children “is the least I can do.”

“There’s no reason why other (privileged) people shouldn’t be getting involved. I know there are lots of people who could do this but it doesn’t seem to cross their minds.”

“Maybe if we can get the word out, it will inspire others.”

To help Jordan fundraise to support the Breakfast Club program, visit breakfast-club.ca and to support The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund Adopt-A-School program, visit vansunkidsfund.ca.

Read more about Jordan’s cheque presentation at Quee Alexandra elementary here.



Jordan Sidoo Presents $3000 to New Westminster Secondary School Breakfast Club Program

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Screen-Shot-2014-04-23-at-7.16.04-PMJordan Sidoo has developed a passion to create awareness for and change in the lives of the thousands of children in British Columbia who go to school hungry each morning. Jordan believes very strongly that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and especially so for school age children whose classroom studies demand clarity and focus for several hours each day.

For more than a year Jordan has been working hard to raise money and awareness for the breakfast club programs operating in schools throughout the lower mainland. Last year he created a website, breakfast-club.ca, as a means to create awareness and raise money by selling pen and pencil sets online. Since Christmas 2013, Jordan has raised $8700 via the website alone, and every dollar is going to support breakfast clubs in the lower mainland.

On April 9, 2014, Jordan presented a cheque for $3000 to the New Westminster Secondary School Breakfast Club program. NWSS is the alma mater of Jordan’s father, David Sidoo, and his uncle, Paul. The donated funds will provide 3000 breakfasts to NWSS students over the course of one year.

The impact of this is not lost on Jordan, who feels very blessed with his family, friends and lot in life. According to Jordan’s father, David, “President Clinton would say, ‘To those whom much has been given much is expected.’ Although Jordan has had his share of adversity he learns from the down times, works hard and gives back.”

Simply put, if Jordan can help one child to have a better life, it’s all worth it.

David Sidoo – “The Savior of UBC Sports”

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For those who follow the news of this site, and who know David Sidoo, his remarkable football history is no secret. David left a legacy with his alma mater UBC Thunderbirds football team, which established a tie to his heart that holds strong and true.

So when he learned that the Thunderbirds football team was in jeopardy of being cut from the UBC varsity roster, David leapt to action. He called upon five TBirds alumni – each of whom is very successful in his own right – to join forces as a brainstorming, networking, fundraising machine that would pull together $2.4 million as a starting point. From there, grow that fund to create a base from which the team can regenerate and grow to compete with the best of the best.

In addition, the long-term vision for the strategy is to have a positive impact on other varsity teams in the form of scholarship funding.

Earlier in 2014, UBC decision-makers heard the proposal and decided to give their approval. The wheels are now in motion with great aspirations and expectations from everyone involved. David’s enthusiasm and dedication to his alma mater football team may just be the thing to take them to a whole new level.

This story caught the eye of the editors of Vancouver Magazine (VanMag), who called David “The Savior of UBC Sports” and featured him in an article in The Brief section of the March 2014 edition.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 1.39.36 PM