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13th Man Foundation Presents: The Championship Ring Celebration & Fundraising Dinner

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The Championship Ring Celebration & Fundraising Dinner is an opportunity to celebrate the 2015 Vanier Cup Champions and the UBC Thunderbirds Football Team. The evening will include a sit-down dinner, a Hall of Fame guest speaker, and an amazing selection of live and silent auction items. This event is a great opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the 2015 UBC Thunderbirds, engage and meet other alumni, and to be a supportive part of the vision that UBC’s football program holds for the future.

Reception begins at 6PM – business attire

Guest Speaker: Warren Moon

Guest Speaker: Warren Moon

Warren Moon is a Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback who played for the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League, and the Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, and Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League. He is currently the color commentator for the Seahawks radio network.

Master of Ceremonies: Farhan Lalji
Farhan Lalji is the Vancouver Bureau Reporter for SPORTSCENTRE, Canada’s #1 sports news and information program. He continues to be extensively involved in developing and coaching football at the grassroots level in British Columbia – something he’s done for the past 26 years. He is currently the head football coach at New Westminster Secondary School

David Sidoo’s Football Alma Mater Finally Shines Again

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David SidooFor the first time in 18 years, the UBC Thunderbirds Football team reigned victorious and brought home the coveted Vanier Cup to wrap up the 2015 season.

“I don’t think a university or province can be more proud. [The Thunderbirds] ended up accomplishing a goal that they set out to do and against all odds,” said David Sidoo.

If you know of David Sidoo, then you likely also know of his passion for supporting his UBC TBirds team. He is the director and one of the founders of the 13th Man Foundation which fundraises for and supports the team in many ways. David and the 13th Man Foundation were instrumental in drawing in the resources necessary to craft a winning team in the 2015 season.

Continue reading about the TBirds fairytale 2015 road to victory here.

And for more information about the 13th Man Foundation, click here.

David Sidoo Pumps up the Spirit at UBC!

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David Sidoo

3000 more fans at UBC Homecoming 2015 football came than the previous year! (photo Koby Michaels / The Ubyssey)

If you’ve been following these blog postings, you’ll know by now that David Sidoo is a huge supporter of his alma mater UBC Thunderbirds football team. He’s been instrumental in upgrading training and playing facilities; he’s been instrumental in drawing in new talent on the field and in the coaching line up; and he’s now instrumental in cultivating a “spirit” culture on campus.

David has teamed up with Robert Morton – director of UBC’s biggest event-planning group, and Aaron Bailey – president of the UBC Alma Mater Society, to create a huge stir on campus around Thunderbird’s football.

The intent is to make UBC football the heart of school spirit. So far this year, the results are promising – there were 3000 more fans at the UBC Homecoming 2015 football game than the previous year.

Ideally, the energy will carry off the turf and throughout campus, creating momentum that will carry into other team sports and UBC events:

“The biggest motivation to inject energy, knowledge and money, or what David Sidoo calls the “three Ts” of time, talent and treasure, is the lasting effect this will have on the university as a whole. “

To read more, check out the UBC Ubyssey article online here.

David Sidoo Named in UBC Education’s Year of Alumni 100

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David Sidoo

David Sidoo Named in UBC Education’s Year of Alumni 100

On September 30, 2015, UBC celebrates its 100th year and in line with the centennial the Faculty of Education has announced its Year of Alumni initiative. From September 2015 through August 2016, the Faculty “will recognize the achievements of 100 outstanding and diverse alumni.”

We are delighted to share that David Sidoo has been named as one of the 100 alumni to be highlighted throughout the year. The announcement has already been made on the UBC website.

View David’s Year of Alumni 100 profile on the UBC website here.

David Sidoo & Investors Breathe New Life into UBC TBirds Football

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David Sidoo

Photo Credit: John Lehmann/The Globe and Mail

The turning point in David Sidoo’s life was his memorable five-year football career with the UBC Thunderbirds. It began in 1978, when the UBC team played in its first ever Vanier Cup. Over the years David set several records and earned many awards that made him a shining star in the league. The crowning glory came in 1982 when David helped captain UBC to win its first Vanier Cup.

Since graduating from UBC, David has had a 5-year career in the CFL, succeeded as a financier and a private investor, and now is president and CEO of a very successful oil and gas corporation. Throughout his impressive career growth, David has remained a faithful supporter of his alma mater and a huge fan of the Thunderbirds Football program.

After almost 10 years of the team racking up countless losses, the TBirds had been facing the very real prospect of being cut from the university’s sports program. The prospect of losing a team so near and dear to his heart was too much for David. He rallied together a group of successful UBC alumni to fund the redevelopment of the TBirds, starting with recruiting a new coach – Blake Nill, a new quarterback – Michael O’Connor, and revamping the much-outdated Thunderbird stadium.

The new life David helped inject into the Thunderbirds is for real. David was excited to attend the TBird’s practice the day before their first exhibition game against against top-ranked Laval, who had only lost one home game in the last 70 years. <insert photo from Aug 28>

The next day, the TBirds beat Laval with an incredible 41-16 score. It was magic!

Though The TBirds went on to lose their season opener to Calgary 16-49, UBC came back the following week and defeated Regina 27-20.

David remains optimistic that the Thunderbirds can carry that wining momentum throughout the rest of this 2015/16 season to make this a year to remember.

For more on this story, read the original Globe and Mail article here.